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How To Join :]

Post  Brokencyde on Sun Dec 07, 2008 2:15 am

How To Join The Server

Ok Guys I Know You All Wanna Player The Server Smile
Well BrokenCyde Is Gonna Show You How You Can Join The Server Very Happy

Downloading The Client:

Firstly You Need To Download The Client
Here Is Where You Download it : 5H4WCRL8

When You Go on To The Page There Will Be Something Like This:

Type The Code In Thats On Your Screen Very Happy

Ok Where You Saved It To There Will Be a Image Like This:

Then It Will Turn Into Something Like This:

Ok Where is Says Password Type in :


Remember To Put That Very Happy

Ok Now Let It Download

Ok Its Downloaded Where Ever You Download It To A Symbol will be like this:

Run The File Then When You Run It Something like This will appear:

Ok When You Have Done That Where You Have Install it To Go To It Very Happy
There will Be a App. Called: DemonicPKO Launcher Click That And Let The
Client Load if something comes up about a GeoCube re load the Launcher Very Happy

When the Start Menu Comes on Very Happy Click Start They Programme will load Then Log in Very Happy
And There You Go You Now Onine playing DemonicPKO =D
( For Accounts Click Here: )

Enjoy Smile Guide Mabe By [HeadGM]BrokenCyde


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