Hi NAmes Voodoo

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Hi NAmes Voodoo

Post  Voodoo on Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:51 pm

Hi everyone, im New Here
Mi In-Game Name is Voodoo

Im From Mexico SLP
And ive been playing TOP for about a Year and 1/2...i think
But i Got mi Char Hacked a Few Months Ago
Couldnt Remember what the Accounts e.Mail Pass Was >.<
And Quit Playing, for a While

But i miss This Game sooooo Much
So I thought,,Heck Why not Join this Server
Heres a lil about me;

country; Mexico
Favorite Class; Ami Voyager (Voodoo), and Lance Crusader(Redoks)


Ami Voyagers Are Cool,

I Kicked Ass as an ami Voyager Muajajaa

¿Lance Crusaders?

Well There Crusaders xD
Gotta love There Stun, And IS
This is still Tales of Crusaders? Right?
I havent been out Thaat Long? have I?

Im Hade to change mi Internet Speed from 1mb to 500kbs...

So Its Gonna take me a Long While to Download The Whooole Thing
Wish There Was a Patch, So i Kould Just OverWrite The TOP Game With it
Oh Well
Il see yal Soon
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